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  • Steel or Aluminum

  • Weather Resistant

  • Sound Attenuated

Over 20 years of custom packaging design

 In 2016, Millstone Capital Advisors purchased Hardin Industries. The team has expanded and now includes nearly 50 years of industry experience in sales, mechanical & electrical engineering, and production leadership. With this experience comes both passion and commitment to the people we employ and the customers we serve. We take great pride in continuing Hardin's legacy of quality craftsmanship and reputation as a provider of choice in the power generation industry.  





  • Hardin Welding Inc. formed.

  • provided occasional ironwork on barges & steel buildings.

  • renamed hardin industries.

  • became sub-manufacturer of generator enclosures.

  • expanded facility to meet increased demand.

  • manufactured custom  generator enclosures full time.

  • purchased by millstone capital advisors

Silver Steel Plate

Equipped & Certified

  • 50,000 square foot facility 

  • Fully Craned Operation

  • ISO9001:2015 | AWS | IBC

Custom Designed & Scaled

  • Steel or Aluminum

  • Weather Resistant

  • Sound Attenuated

  • Custom Paint

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